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Motion Picture Camera Manuals - Download them Free!

Got a paper manual? Send it in, and we'll scan and PDF it!
Especially interested in any Bolex technical manuals.

Camera Manuals - Operating

pdf Arri BL

  • Thanks Tom!

pdf Arri S Manual

pdf Krasnogorsk-3 Manual

Eyemo Manual

  • The link above will take you to the Eyemo page.

pdf Filmo 70-DL

  • This was made into a PDF by us, but the scans (as I recall) were from the Filmo Yahoo group.

pdf Filmo Manual via City University

pdf Beaulieu R16 16mm Manual

Camera Manuals - Technical

Arri II Technical/Repair(10M zipped PDF)

  • This is only useful if you plan to take a wrench to your Arri II!

pdf Auricon Sound-on-Film

  • This is covers theory and practive of sound-on-film recording with the Auricon.

pdf Filmo Repair Manual Mangled

  • This was scanned and converted to text by us, but the border was set wrong and the PDF is mangled. Still interesting, and some of the pictures came out OK.

pdf Cinema Products CP16 Technical Manual 5M PDF

  • Interesting "Interim Manual" from 1974. It's big. Scanned at 300dpi. Missing some diagrams. Covers Cinema Products CP-16R and CP-16R/A

Bolex Manuals

16mm Bolex

8mm Bolex




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