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The Revolution Motor
Time Lapse, Single-Frame and Crystal-Sync motor for all Bolex.

"Congrats, it's a fine piece of engineering. I would have never thought you would be able to get both such fine control and fast speeds out of an 8:1 shaft. I love the way the motor ramps up to speed for crystal speeds. Very Impressive."

- Gary Elmer, Eye Line Cinematography

Revolution Crystal Sync and Time Lapse Motor for Bolex

Two Models available:

  • Single Frame/Time Lapse motor only (REVB-100..$995)
  • Single-frame/Time Lapse + Crystal Sync (REVB-100S..$1495)

Here's some more pictures. Check the Bolex shaft page to see if it will work on your Bolex.

Great day, night and experimental timelapse and sync shots!

General Features

  • uses the 8:1 shaft, so it will work on all Bolexes, early and late model
  • control box can be removed from motor unit and connected via a 6' cable
  • digital direct drive motor - no brushes to wear out, no gears to break down!
  • 17 times more reliable then old-technology Bolex motors!
  • newBackwards-running! At the request of all the experimental filmmakers out there (who knew there were so many) we have added reverse running capability. Shoot, rewind, then double-expose. Full speed or single-frame.

Sync Features (REVB-100S model only)

  • Film at Sync speeds from 1 to 40fps, in 1-fps increments.
  • Video Speeds of 23.976 and 29.970 built-in!
  • accelerates smoothly to sync speed, decelerates smoothly to stop.  Automatic shutter parking.
  • If desired, preset the number of seconds of film you want your shot to be and filming will stop automatically.

Animation and Time Lapse features

  • Exact intervals from 1 second to 9 hours can be set precisely on the digital thumbwheels - a vital feature for matching shots.
  • Crystal-controlled interval and shutter speeds--no variation like with a wild gearmotor
  • Shutter speeds of 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 sec and long exposures of over 9 hours!.
  • Change the shutter speed or interval while running!  That's right, if the sun is going down, and you want a longer exposure, you can change it without stopping and re-starting filming. 
  • Presets!  Store filming settings in permanent memory.
  • Delay-before-filming mode, up to 24 hours.


  • Power input: 2-pin Molex or 4-pin XLR jack
  • Voltage: 12-24 volts, about 0.4 amp.
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs

Lowest current draw! Under one-half ampere. Can be run from AA batteries.

Revolution Motor Owner's Manual

The above is a music video shot with a Revolution Motor for the Bolex.
You can see a photo of the setup here on the photos page.

Revolution Crystal Sync and Time Lapse Motor for 16mm Bolex

The Revolution breaks down into three parts. The motor pod, the base plate, and the control box.

The motor pod has the motor, the drive coupling, and the motor driver box. The motor pod attaches to the base plate with a thumbscrew.

The control box plugs into the motor driver box, and can either sit on the base plate (attached with two thumbscrews), or it can be used remotely.

Two control box cables are included, one short, and one long.

Backwards running! Backwind the film to your start point, and film another pass

Here we have an external light controlled by the motor.




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